Author Ocean

"...From there, we drove for many miles, to Kiparissia, along the coast in western Messenia. We were at a camp ground there ,for the remainder of our stay. My jaw dropped again when I saw the coastline there, and I was loving every minute of it. We fell asleep to waves breaking on the shoreline. :) We were not there solely to rest and enjoy, we worked hard on our other goals we had on that trip ...."

We experienced many towns and villages and their views as well. We got to try many Greek foods, and got to see and visit with some amazing Greek people. One of which was a 109 year old woman in a small village, born in 1900!! She really liked us, and her family, and kept offering us treats and stories to share. She had been through much, everything from WWII soldiers that occupied her town, breaking her ribs, to surviving...."

"... She didn't want us to leave, and we didn't want to go, but we had to. I got tears in my eyes talking to her, and she did to me too, and wanted us to know she never did anything wrong to anyone and was so happy we came there. She and her family were so happy we brought New Testaments to read in their current Greek language ..."

"...They gave us these very nice wrapped ice cream treats, I have never seen anything like it. With hearts and flowers on the foil wrappings..."

These are some excerpts from Ocean's trip to Greece on Hubpages . Ocean went on a missionary trip to Greece to distribute Bibles for her Church.